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(Premiere Date: June 10th @ 6 PM)

A young woman discovers that a selfie documentary gives her the strength to face her daily struggles. (Short Film)


Written and Directed By: Tezya Jackson


9 min 17 sec, Drama

Picture to Right: (Left to Right) Shelby Smith, Emily Smith, Langston Kyle Jr., Tezya Jackson & Jarde Kincaide

Kim, Self
Jeff, Self

Jarde Kinicade is currently a college student and wife in her hometown, Dallas, TX. 

"Self" is her first acting role and she's not an aspiring actress. However, she enjoyed working on a project that provided a voice for women of color in film. 

Jarde Kinicade 
Tina, Self

Langston Emmerson Kyles Jr. is an aspiring writer, actor and poet.


He was born in Nuremberg Bavaria, Germany and grew up in the Midwest. He's a father and mentor. God fearing man. Looking to make the world a happier place one smile at a time.

Langston Kyles Jr.
Emily Smith 

Emily Smith is a small town girl born and raised in rural Rogers, TX.

She moved to the Dallas area to attend the University of Texas at Arlington where she later graduated.


She is an aspiring actor/model and enjoys reading, music, outdoors and writing.

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