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The first project from Life Starts Now Productions is the self entitled Web Series that shows the life of a young woman doing whatever it takes to pursue her dreams.


Please Subscribe, Rate, and Comment. Most importantly activate your dreams and let your life start now!

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Meet the Cast

Loretta Jenkins is played by Summer Keiona Love, a senior Theatre Major at PVAMU. 


She is a triple threat artist with skills including acting, dancing, and singing. She firmly believes in having iconic dreams to inspire the world to be fearless in chasing their dreams through her art. (Last updated 2013)

Summer Love
Sha'Na Smith

Sha'Na Lynnette Smith is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University where she received her bachelor of art in theatre.


Currently, she is living in her hometown of Houston, Tx. working as an independent artist. In the near future Sha'Na hopes to pursue her master in interdisciplinary studies.

Nick Austin

Darien is played by Nick Austin. The 23 year old Houston born but Indiana raised actor hopes that one day he can make a difference in the world through his artistic work by shining light on situations that need attention in order to move humanity in a more peaceful and loving direction. (Last updated 2013)

Chris is played by Van Ross. The Chicago native is a student at Prairie View A&M University and is apart of the football team.


Mr. Ross started acting simply as "trying something new" and now plans to further a career in acting as a profession. (Last updated 2013)

Van Ross
Amanda Hygh

Amanda Hygh graduated from PVAMU in 2015 and is a Houston native.


She is currently a teacher for children with special needs in the Houston area. 

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