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Crystal  Dolford


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Crystal Dolford, 23

Psychology major at PVAMU. Lover of all things fashion and Christ. Free lance writer who aspires to Inspire and enlighten individuals from various walks of life, with the same common goal (finding the truth).


"My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right." - Ashleigh Brilliant

Every 1st Wednesday of the Month

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Growing Pains

The thing we love to hate the most...growth. Now some of you may say, "I don't have a problem with growth, as a matter of fact I welcome it into my life". Well that may be true, but we don't always agree with side effects: frustration, heartache, headaches...etc. Although we tend to forget, one would have to wonder, "How did I make it this far", and as you began to ponder you recall the sleepless nights, stress, conflict of interest, and the many other things that brought you thus far today.

Often times we find ourselves wanting to fast forward those trying moments, just so we can move past the turbulence in our lives. It’s very common for us to feel that what we are missing is outside the storm, or our current situation, but what we fail to realize is that there are so many blessings (lessons) that come out of those situations. Our “struggles” in life hold the very thing that will take us to the next level. So when you are being challenged instead of just going through the motions (wishing you were somewhere else, or somebody else), be sure that you are present (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) that way you are progressing in life rather than repeating the same cycles. If you chose not to be present throughout trying times then you will more than likely be missing some very valuable information, or experiences that will prepare you for that next promotion, or big step in life.


I remember being in certain situations where I was very uncomfortable and maybe even afraid. I also remember thinking to myself while in those situations, “I don’t like the way this feels”, “Why do I have to go through this”, “Why am I even doing this”, but I also remember thinking to myself that if I didn’t go through with my current situation that I would never know the answers to those questions. That my friend scared me more than having anxiety (because I may forget what to say and sound like an complete idiot). More than anything I was absolutely terrified of not taking the opportunity to preserve (or at least faking it if nothing else). I just wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that I allowed negativity and fear paralyze me. So I showed up, I spoke up, and I took the next step towards my destiny. While some of you out there are trailblazers in life and may have no problem taking chances. This may not be the case for some of you.


At times the smallest things may require you to take a leap of faith. Just remember that when you are experiencing growing pains in life you have only two options: you can either step up to the challenge, or step back into your comfort zone and possibly revoke your future. Although growth is (and will be) uncomfortable, choosing to stay stagnant is unacceptable, and should not be a valid option.  



“A comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing grows” –Unknown

….I  just leave this right here



Until next time my loves


Peace and hair greace,

Crystal Dolford

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Acts of Love

 We all know the cliché saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. However, we must be sure not to dismiss its significance. There are many of us that may tell the people that we love countless times throughout the day. There may also be some of you who may not express your affection for the people you love quite as often. That is not to say that those who are saying it more or less lack sincerity behind their words, but we must also be sure that we are acting out the words that we do express.


Yes, words of affirmation are important, but acts of service (love) are just as important as well. Although there are several functions for the definition of the word “action”, I'd like to go on record by saying that the type of “action” that I am speaking of involves gestures, more than it involves “doing something”. For example your significant other may buy you flowers as an act or expression of love, and while this is a sweet gesture I’d challenge you to dig deeper regarding your definition of  “acts” of “love”. We often times equate material things, or the fulfilling of a desire to be someone giving or showing us love. However showing love could be the exact opposite of doing so. In today’s society we often view love in terms of wants and equal exchanges of those wants (desires) in order to consider ourselves happy.


Although there are many ideas that constitute what is or what isn’t love: I would encourage those of you who are seeking a deeper understanding to refer to 1Cornithians 13 to have a better understanding of your actions regarding love. The next time we meet again I will go into more depth regarding “gestures” of love.

Until next time,

Peace and Hair Grease    


Ask yourself these questions; if you were to verbally stop telling the people you love that you loved them, or  would your actions say it for you, and if they were to do so what would that look like?


Are you "talking the talk” and "walking the walk", or are you "talking the talk" and “sitting


(Another good question you should ask yourself) If you were to mute the people who (claim) say they love you. What would you see instead; Love or just a moving mouth?

Lets just make sure that we are not only telling the ones we love, "we love them", but that we are ACTUALLY "doing" it as well. And as for the people who say they love you be sure that it isn't just "sweet nothings".

Love isn't just spoken word, but it is an action as well.

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